I have been an avid traveller my entire life.

As a young man the possibility of experience was enough to get me out into the world. Time has done nothing to diminish that drive. It isn’t always pretty. Failed efforts, disappointing days far from home, and more than a few tears are equal partners to joy, wonder and discovery. 

Along the way I’ve come to view travel as the ultimate teacher. It has been central in the attempt to live in those moments that form memories. I also believe good travel is pilgrimage. A journey to a specific destination that in the end is all about the journey itself. Innate curiosity compels me to take notes and tell stories in order to help make sense of my surroundings. It was perhaps inevitable that I would eventually pick up a camera as well. 

Trying to capture the essence of our lives is the reason people write and take pictures. Why they paint and sculpt and make music. There is a desire to share lessons learned, express experience and inspire others. Art is magic, the creation of something where there was nothing before. This website is a modern-day scrapbook of my version of that adventure.